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HSi solutions for the determination of planned time, quotation calculation and work planning

HSi's core competences lie in its knowledge of the requirements of effective and flexible production. Our goal is to increase your calculation and planning reliability as well as adherence to delivery dates. An important prerequisite for this is the exact and fast determination of planned times and target times.

Precise planned times for a reliable calculation

Our purely web-based solutions for the determination of planned times optimize your offer preparation, work planning and order control from the determination of planned times, their effective use in costing and production planning to post-calculation. The core of our solutions is our HSi technology base with finished process modules, for example for turning, milling, drilling, grinding, eroding, gear cutting, welding and assembly. Recurring activities can be fully automated so that your time planning effort is significantly reduced.

Our solutions at a glance:

HSi Technology Basis: Rules and Values for Plan Time Determination

  • • Integrates common mechanical machining processes with all required controls and industry-standard values
  • • Form element and part related calculation processes to reduce the effort required for description

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Preliminary costing and work planning

Vorkalkulation und Arbeitsplanung

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HSplan/IS-SAP: SAP Integrated Plan Times

HSplan/IS-SAP: SAP-integrierte Planzeiten

  • • Complements the work planning of SAP
  • • To determine standard times
  • • Fully integrated with SAP

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HSauftrag: Order planning and production planning

HSauftrag: Auftragsplanung und Fertigungsplanung

  • For scheduling and controlling orders
  • For optimal capacity utilization
  • Transparent and traceable order planning

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